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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sales Activity Report for Management

Sales Activity Report for Management
by Adam Smith

Managing one's sales division can be a daunting task. This task can be even more daunting when you are expected to manage a large number of sales representatives. Since their success is your number one responsibility, it is important that you understand the conditions they are working under, the issues they face, and how to interpret the sales reports they produce. There are many different tools to assist you in trying to understand your employee's sales activity reports, but perhaps the best tools are sales dashboards.

As you well know a sales report covers an array of important quantifiable aspects that drive the company. For instance, with the help of a sales report you can immediately identify your most profitable sales representative. A sales activity report can also help you understand how the sales representative is performing in select areas.

Presumably the packages or services your company sells will vary in complexity and price. Some sales representatives may be better suited to selling the inexpensive packages while other sales reps make the most of their time by pushing large expensive packages, requiring a sales rep with lots of patience and a great understanding of how to finesse a client. As a manager, you want to make sure your employees are reaching their full sales potential so it is your responsibility to make sure they are in a position to succeed.

Understandably, trying to sift through a pile of individual sales reports to determine who is best suited to sell the companies top dollar items can be difficult. You need a better method which allows you to compare each sales activity report so that you can see how your employees compare to each other. This is where utilizing sales dashboards can provide you with the edge you need to get your job done well.

Sales dashboards allow you the ability to directly compare the sales production levels of individual sales representatives, which can be sorted by sales volume, sales revenue, product type and so forth. Using the unique features that the sales dashboard interface offers, identifying your high dollar sales representatives becomes a breeze.

Once you have relied on the sales dashboards to compare and contrast the sales report of each of your employees, you can organize your sales department in the most optimal manner. Sales reps that are good at closing deals fast can dedicate themselves to the low value packages, while other sales reps that are masters at closing the high value deal can dedicate themselves to pushing your company's most expensive products.

Thus by making the most of the tools available to you, such as sales dashboards, you can take some of the pressure off your own shoulders. Understanding and interpreting a sales report or a sales activity report can be simplified by employing powerful sales dashboards.

Adam Smith is an informational author for 10X Marketing. To learn more about digital dashboards please visit

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