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Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Monitoring System for PET CSD Bottle Production

New Monitoring System for PET Bottle Poduction

There is a new monitring system for PET bottles blown for carbonated softdrinks (CSD) available on the market. ALPS (Air Logic Power Systems, LLC), the leading North American manufacturer of leak testing equipment for plastic container producers, is pleased to announce a new product introduction that will be on display at NPE Booth #8508.

The ALPS LeakMonitor is a valuable production monitoring tool designed for integration within two-step PET container blow molders. Proven applications include installations on Sidel, Krones and SIG blow molding machines.

The LeakMonitor uses a specially tuned ultrasonic sensor and acoustic waveguide to detect blow molder leakage during the molding process. The system is set up to track the position of each mold and eject corresponding bottles using the molder's internal reject mechanism.

The device doubles as an inspection system and predictive maintenance tool. Potentially leaking bottles are rejected, and personnel are alerted when mold-specific leakage is occurring during the blow molding process that may result in out-of-specification bottles.

The system has proven especially useful to monitor Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) production with increased usage of Post Consumer Resin (PCR).


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