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Monday, June 05, 2006

Packsys Global Packaging Systems announces opening of Representation in North America

Packsys Global Packaging Systems is opening North America Representation.

PackSys Global is pleased to announce the opening of it´s new representation office in North America. The new packaging company representation is set up to serve PackSys growing activities and cutomer needs in the United States and Canadian packaging industry market.

PackSys Global is a world wide operating packaging machinery manufacturer They provide equipment for manufacturing aluminium, laminate and plastic tubes, aerosal cans as well as metal and plastic caps and closures.

Their in depth understanding of the specific market and customer demands and their commitment to state-of-the-art technology enables their customers to produce better quality at reduced cost. The company is customer orientated, innovative and has a passion for precision and perfection, a spokesman of the packaging machinery supplier said.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Amcor PET Packaging -- Custom PET-Bottle Expansion in North America

Amcor PET-Packaging -- Custom PET bottle expansion in North America

The Australian packaging giant Amcor has announced, that it´s PET packaging operation in North America is constructing a new custom PET blowmoulding plant, dedicated to the supply of PepsiCo heat set containers, primarily for the Gatorade beverage product range.

The new blowmoulding plant will be located in Wytheville, Virginia and will be adjacent to a recently constructied PepsiCo facility. Amcor´s new PET blowmoulding factory is scheduled to be ready for production and operative by March 2007. The initial annual capacity of the plant is said to excess one billion PET bottle units. The overall project cost is about 80 million US Dollar.

Amcor´s managing director and CEO, Mr. Ken MacKenzie said that this project woutld be a strong fit with Amcor´s strategy of investing in the custom PET bottle and PET container sector. He mentioned that Amcor PET Packaging brings excellent PET blow moulding and production technology to the fast grwoing hot filled beverage segment.

This is a large world class scale plant that is going to be co-located side by side with the bottling and filling plant of one of our key customers, the PepsiCo corporation, who is the leader in the hotfill market segment of energy and power drinks. The plant´s profitability is backed by a long term agreement that reflects the value this new operation provides to both Amcor and it´s key client Pepsi.

It may be acceptable to raise the question if in the long run the Hotfill PET Bottle production will stand up with market needs of bottlers, as presently the worldwide trend goes more to cold aseptic filling ( ACF ) technology with it´s advantages to beverage quality, energy consumption as well as the far less expensive cold fill PET bottles in comparison to the comparably expensive hotfill PET bottles Amcor is intending to procuce in it´s new plant.

Any thoughts and comments on the subject are wellcome.