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Monday, August 21, 2006

The 10 Key Steps in Developing an Enterprise-Wide ComplianceTraining Strategy

The 10 Key Steps in Developing an Enterprise-Wide
ComplianceTraining Strategy

by SumTotal Systems

Companies spend millions each year conducting mandatory training. Whether triggered by an audit, the risk of non-compliance, bad PR, or internal training requirements, achieving compliance can be difficult and costly. Enforcing compliance often meets with resistance.

Many organizations waste millions of dollars keeping up with training requirements and reporting training data. Even with all of the effort, manual processes typically have gaps and increase an organization's risk of non-compliance.

Furthermore, organizations often uncover redundant processes that manage separate compliance needs. These could be leveraged with better planning.

So how can your organization reduce the costs and compliance risks of mandatory training?
Here are 10 steps for developing an enterprise-wide compliance training strategy.

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This entry is a guest blog entry posted by SumTotal Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUMT). They are one of the largest providers of talent, learning and business performance technologies and services. SumTotal deploys mission-critical solutions that align learning, talent and knowledge with organizational processes and business goals to generate significant bottom-line results.


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